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International Asset and Verification


Investigation and verification of accounts receivables and a 3 step collection process.




Recovering accounts receivables from different countries can be complicated.

To help resolve these issues, The Leviton Firm, with 30 plus year’s experience offers the following services to international companies outside the US selling to US based customers..

Purchase order verification (prior to shipment)

Verifying purchase orders prior to shipment can help avoid complications later. Before shipping the items, we will verify the inventory, ship date, terms, cost, billing information and shipping information to ensure accuracy.


Valid invoice verification and product verification

Validating invoice and product information with the buyer will help eliminate billing disputes later. We will verify the invoice was delivered with vendor information, remittance information, invoice date, payment terms, total units shipped and total cost. The Leviton Law Firm will verify the products shipped on time as agreed as well.

As part of our validation process we will obtain the following:

  • The most current D&B report
  • Check for all law suits and Judgments
  • Research for derogatory UCC filings
  • Locate all real estate in corporation’s name


During our due diligence processes we will in person or over the phone obtain the following asset information if requested by the seller .

  1. Current balance sheet
  2. A profit and loss statement
  3. Bank statements going back six months
  4. Сopy of entire accounts receivable /receivable aging  
  5. A copy of any lines of credit
  6. A listing of all accounts payable  
  7. Overview of the industry 


Once credit is established and an invoice is not paid then we can move the account to our law firm here in the US.


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