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International Collection Law Firm


International Debt Collection Law Firm (collection and investigation for foreign companies doing business in the United States.




When it comes to recovering money from importers buying on credit here in the US The Leviton Law Firm is a cut above the rest.


We work with numerous countries outside the US be it a credit insurance division of a country or the exporter directly selling to a US company on credit.



We have the most extensive and current credit and asset information for the entire US and Canada.  We are able to supply the shipper or credit insurance company the most current financial information on the company they are extending credit to.  We can get involved at any stage of the transaction.  We verify letters of credit, shipments as well as on-site inspection once the goods are received at the port of entry to their final destination.


We have lawyers throughout the US and Canada and unlike most law firms all of our work is done on a contingency fee basis as we are only paid when we collect.  Our asset locating department along with our on-site field investigators is all part of our service that is provided to our clients.  Once a claim is placed we return an investigation report to our clients detailing the customers’ ability to pay as well as any dispute they may have.  These reports are part of our service and are delivered back to our clients within 24-48 hours of receipt of the claim.

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