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International Collections Under the CISG


Representing foreign creditors and credit insurers in collection matters in the United States under the Contract for the International Sale of Goods on a contingency fee basis.




We represent foreign companies that export goods and services to the United States in addition to foreign companies that insure collections of accounts receivable for foreign providers of goods and services.


We can provide these services in every state in the United States.  These transactions are governed by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (the "Convention" or "CISG") and is a binding agreement or contract between nations. It establishes a set of rules governing certain aspects of the making and performance of everyday commercial contracts between sellers and buyers who have their places of business in different countries. By adopting it, a nation undertakes to the other nations that have adopted it that it will treat the Convention's rules as part of its law.


If you are a foreign company doing business in the United States, the CISG will most probably apply.

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