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Litigation and Defense


As attorneys focused on business and commercial collections,  we dedicate substantial time, effort and resources to helping local, national and international clients. Our extensive experience and keen understanding of the legal issues surrounding creditors' rights enable us to protect and defend creditors.




The Leviton Law Firm, Ltd., attempts to resolve every matter amicably through non-litigation collection techniques. However, there are those situations which require litigation as the only possible recourse.


That is where The Leviton Firm, Ltd.’s ability to file a lawsuit or defend a lawsuit on our clients' behalf becomes so valuable.

Whether a given debt is disputed or not, we can file suit in most jurisdictions around the world, and our fee remains on a contingent basis.

The Leviton Firm, Ltd., has over 30 years of experience handling all types of civil litigation cases, including, but not limited to:

  • Filing and enforcing mechanic’s lien claims, and labor and material payment bond claims.,
  • Replevins – repossession and recovery of collateral from defaulting debtors for lessors and other secured creditors.
  • Prosecution of debt collection civil actions in state and Federal Court, and before alternative dispute resolution forums (arbitration, mediation) and defense against debtor counterclaims.
  • Employment contracts
  • Real estate and construction litigation
  • Sale of business litigation
  • Domestication of Judgments
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) litigation
  • Post-Judgment Remedies
  • Bank and Wage Garnishments


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